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Notify - Configuration

The Genesis Notify module enables you to configure an application to send and receive messages to and from various messaging services.

Server configuration - Cache

Database caching on local microservices is supported out of the box. You can configure a caching layer for any Genesis module. The cache can reduce the database workload for tables that contain static data.

Server Configuration - Introduction

Some files are essential to the development and running of your application. You need to know what they are for and how to configure them. These pages provide the details.

Server Configuration - Processes

Each application must have a -processes.xml file. This contains the configuration of each module (data server, request server and event-handler etc). It is generated automatically when you create a new Genesis project using GenX CLI tool.

Server Configuration - Service Definitions

Just as each application must have a -processes.xml config file, it must also have a -service-definitions.xml file. This is where you specify the ports of the various processes. These are used to communicate internally between processes.

Server Configuration - System Definitions

The system-definition file genesis-system-definition.kts is the basis of all configurations, scripts, data model, etc. This section explains all the different items that are contained in the file.