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Version: 2022.3


Welcome to the reference documentation on operating Genesis applications. Here, you will find details of a wide range of operating concerns, including specs of the complete Genesis command set and the use of Genesis Console.


Web Components

Explore and examine in detail all the components you can use and extend to create vivid front ends for great usability.

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Design systems

Use a design system to specify things like typography, colour and sizing. There is a great Preview page where you can actively change different settings and see the effect on screen - and change them immediately.

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Micro front-ends

Explore our growing range of micro front-ends for speedier development.

Profile Management

Manage profiles on the front end.

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Front-end Reporting

Enable your users to create report specifications, run them, or save them for later use.

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Foundation Header

Provide a navigation bar and flyout menu, with routing and account logout capabilities.

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Use FoundationUI alongside your existing or preferred stack.

Testing, deployment and more

Look at the details you'll need to consider for testing and deploying your completed front end.


Learn about the default web-server set-up, and manual and automated deployment options.

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Registering elements, APIs and more

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