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Version: 2023.1

Helper classes - WriteResult

Entity write result

The entity database will return type-safe results for write operations. There are four main write results, one for each type of write operation. Each of these operations is of type EntityWriteResult.

In all cases, the records in the result will be a generated entity that matches the input. So, for inserting a Trade instance, the database will return a result of type InsertResult<Trade> where the property record will be of type Trade.

  • InsertResult
  • DeleteResult
  • ModifyResult
  • UpsertResult; either an InsertResult or a ModifyResult


The InsertResult has a single property record which is the inserted record. This includes any generated values.


The DeleteResult has a single property record which is the record as it was in the database before it was deleted.


The ModifyResult is slightly more complex. It has three properties:

  • record property, which is the record in the database after the modify operation
  • previous property, which is the record as it was before the modify operation
  • modifiedFields property, which holds a Set<String> of the fields that were changed in the modify


This could be either an InsertResult or a ModifyResult.

Write result

This is a single catch-all type for results of a write operation when using generated repositories or RxDb.

This type has the following fields:

  • savedRecords - the saved records
  • removedRecords - the deleted records
  • modifiedFields - the updated fields
  • numRecordsDeleted - the number of records deleted
  • isError - there was an error during the database operation. Needs to be checked when ValidationMode.LEGACY is used
  • errorText - the error description. Needs to be checked when ValidationMode.LEGACY is used

Using RxDb instead of entityDb or generated repositories will circumvent compile-time validation of database interactions. This means that errors might not appear until runtime or might lead to unexpected results.