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Quick start - create a new project


Before you start, make sure you have checked out the hardware and software requirements.

Download and install all the relevant requirements.


We start our quick journey using the CLI provided by Genesis. From the terminal, run:

npx -y @genesislcap/genx@latest init alpha -x
Local issuer certificate errors

These may be caused by running GenX CLI in a proxy network that uses self-signed or missing certificates. --insecure flag can be used to skip SSL certificate verification:

npx @genesislcap/genx@latest --insecure

At this point, the seed application is created and the genx dependencies are installed. On completion, you will see the following text:

✔ Project successfully created. Next steps:
› Install dependencies with npm run bootstrap
› Start development server with npm run dev

For more information about al genx available commands, check our Genx CLI page.

Opening IntelliJ

Now open your application in Intellij. Start by opening IntelliJ IDEA. In the alpha project, you will see the readme file for the project. After importing and indexing, your gradle tab (normally on the right of your window) should contain 3 folders: alpha, client, genesisproduct-alpha. (server/jvm)

There is a file in the server/jvm folder. Check that it has the following highlighted properties, and update it if necessary:


If you had to modify this file, make sure you reload all gradle projects.