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Version: 2022.4

GPALX - early access

GPALX is a full-stack low-code language for building applications. By writing up to 75% less code than previous Genesis versions, you can deliver productive solutions quicker than ever.

GPALX allows you to:

  • model complex data objects with clear type definitions
  • view large sets of data in one or more grids with customisable cells for more complex fields
  • create single or multiple page views of data to help make that data more digestible
  • join together multiple data objects into single views to aid data visualisation
  • aggregate data using simple out-of-the-box calculation and conditional functions
  • elegantly define data state transitions or workflows to maintain data integrity
  • manipulate data through standardised Create, Update, and Delete (CRUD) functions, with automatic validation protection and error handling
  • capitalise on the power of the Genesis platform through one-line integration, such as Auth
  • dynamically filter grid data based on UI interactions
  • have both Genesis and third-party Web Components at your disposal
  • supercharge development with built-in page structuring and routing

Our simple-to-follow guides will enable you to become an effective user of GPALX within days.