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GPAL - introduction

Genesis Platform Abstraction Language (GPAL) is our own scripting language, which plugs into IntelliJ.

GPAL gives you access to lots of functions. Some functions are generic (available to all modules) other functions are specific to a module.

Once you define an object in GPAL (such as a View), you can use it in multiple components.

Kotlin functions libraries

Camel Purge Notify Consolidator Data Pipeline Data Server Event Handler ReqRep Streamer Streamer Client Router Sys Def Fields Tables Process Config View

Kotlin function examples

The following imports are automatically available inside GPAL Event Handlers:

import CodeBlock from '@theme/CodeBlock';
import Imports from '!!raw-loader!/examples/server/java/event-handlers/';

<CodeBlock className="language-java">{Imports}</CodeBlock>
val systemDefinition: SystemDefinitionService
val rxDb: RxDb
val entityDb: AsyncEntityDb
val metaData: MetaDataRegistry
val evaluatorPool: EvaluatorPool
val messageDelegator: MessageDelegator
val networkConfiguration: NetworkConfiguration
val serviceDetailProvider: ServiceDetailProvider
val genesisHFT: GenesisHFT
val injector: Injector
val clientConnectionsManager: ClientConnectionsManager
val typedEventManager: TypedEventManager

GPAL example

    import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit

process {

systemDefinition {
item(name = "DbHost", value = "localhost")
item(name = "ClusterPort", value = "5678")

cacheConfig {
expireAfterAccess(1, TimeUnit.DAYS)
expireAfterWrite(1, TimeUnit.DAYS)

initialCapacity = 20_000
maximumEntries = 30_000
multipleKeys = true

tables {
table(TRADE, loadOnStart = true)
table(INSTRUMENT, loadOnStart = true)
table(ALT_INSTRUMENT_ID, loadOnStart = true)
table(MARKET, loadOnStart = true)
table(EXCHANGE, loadOnStart = true)
table(CURRENCY, loadOnStart = true)

As the example above shows, the GPAL process-config file can override system definition values on a per-module basis as well.

Further information about how it works can be found at type safe builders.

Further information about functions can be found at kotlin function scope.