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Access control - authentication overview

Your application can perform authentication through many techniques. All these techniques support Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to bring additional security.

API reference - overview

Genesis is a low-code solution for financial markets. We try to provide as much of the platform via GPAL as possible, while allowing you to extend the platform with more powerful custom components and functionality.

Architecture overview

Every Genesis application is different, but all Genesis applications share a common architecture. The best way to understand the purpose of all the main elements of this architecture is to familiarise yourself with the server components and the web front-end.

Database technology - overview

Your Genesis application data model can be configured without any concern about the database technology used to store the model and the data.

Loading feed data - how to load feed data into an application

Some feeds provide static sets of data that you can download for processing by your application. A good example is traded data from an exchange. This exercise shows you the key points for loading these data files. In this case, we shall use Bloomberg issuance data. We shall load this, parse it to reformat it to Genesis format, then place it in a staging table in a Genesis application. Once it is in the staging table, the data can be passed to other tables within the application.

Operations - clustering overview

The Genesis low-code platform is highly resilient and easy to cluster for a High Availability (HA) setup. This area takes you through how to configure the platform with our clustering options.