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Version: 2023.1

Server modules

Welcome to our reference documentation on the server. Here you can find information on all aspects of defining your server.

  • Configuring runtime- there is a group of files you need to be aware of for configuring your application. These control the characteristics of each module in the application, and indeed, whether a module is considered part of the application at all. So it is important that you know what is in each of these files. You can also find information here on changing the database technology.

  • Modules - a lot of your focus will be on the modules that you define for your application. You can find reference information on all these here, including the auth module, state machine (which you define within your Event Handler and Consolidator.

  • Integration - look at all the different ways of getting information into and out of the system so you can integrate with other systems. Check the Data Pipeline, for ingesting data, or the pages on using Apache Camel.

  • Tooling - find a set of useful code snippets that you can copy and amend. These could save you time and typing.

  • You can also explore specific APIs, such as the Event Handler API and Authorisation API.