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Server modules

Welcome to our reference documentation on the server. Here you can find information on all aspects of defining your server.


Before you start doing anything clever, there are some useful basics that will give you an understanding of the way the Genesis database works.

Changing the database technology

If you are using a different database technology than the default, then it is vital that is set up correctly.

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A lot of your focus will be on the modules that you define for your application. You can find reference information on all these. Here are some highlights.

Data Server

Expose resources to the front end for supplying streaming data.

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Event Handler

Define business logic For every event on the application.

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Access control

Control access to the system and authorisation to view information and use features.

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State Machine

Define the possible states of a trade or order, and how they can move from one state to another.

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Aggregate data, such as trades to date for an order, and perform other calculations.

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Look at all the different ways of getting information into and out of the system so you can integrate with other systems. Here are just two.

Apache Camel

Integrate using Apache Camel, which has a wide range of components that make it easy to set up.

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Tools and APIs

API reference

APIs enable you to provide custom functionality or business logic.

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