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Version: 2023.1


Welcome to our reference documentation on the web (front end) of your application. Here, you can find all the information you need to build a front end for your Genesis application.

  • Basics - find a useful checklist of links to background information for front-end skills and knowledge. See the key concepts and files you can work with to create a front end.

  • Web components - explore and examine in detail all the components you can use and extend to create vivid front ends for great usability.

  • Design systems - use a design system to specify things like typography, colour and sizing. There is a great Preview page where you can actively change different settings and see the effect on screen - and change them immediately.

  • Micro front-end - see our range of micro front-ends that enable you to put sophisticated components such as reporting into your user interface without complex coding.

  • Deployment - look at the details you'll need to consider for deploying your completed front end.