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Version: 2023.1

Web components - overview

Web Components are at the very heart of our strategy - which is based on native browsers and a standards-based component model.

This eliminates a number of problems, such as deciding between Angular, React & Vue, dealing with version clashes & upgrades, or needing to onboard web-framework specialists.

Our Web Components are built on top of Microsoft FAST, which is a lightweight abstraction that enables you to build performant, memory-efficient, standards-compliant Web Components.

Our Genesis packages are scoped to @genesislcap. These consist of:

  • @genesislcap/foundation-ui: Base components
  • @genesislcap/foundation-zero: The zero design-system variant
  • @genesislcap/foundation-utils: Utilities
  • @genesislcap/foundation-comms: Comms system
  • ...etc

Browser support

Below is a list of browsers that provide native support for Web Components.


  • Firefox (63+)
  • Chrome (67+)
  • Opera (64+)
  • Edge (79+)
  • IE11 (not out of the box, but partial support with polyfills is possible)
  • Safari (10.1+ supports a number of web component features, but fewer than the above browsers)


  • Android Browser (94+)
  • Opera Mobile (64+)
  • Chrome for Android (94+)
  • Firefox for Android (92+)
  • Samsung Internet (6.2+)

See for more information.