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Apache Camel - configuring runtime

System definitions

It is vital to ensure that any system definition variables that are used by the Camel definition are properly defined in your application-name-system-definition.kts file.


The Genesis low-code platform only includes the camel-core dependency. You will want to declare additional dependencies to make best use of the different available Camel components.

To do so, simply create a new local module declaring the Camel dependencies, and add this module to the classpath of the Camel process configuration in your application-name-processes.xml file.

The process definition may look similar to the following:

  <process name="POSITION_CAMEL">
<options>-Xmx256m -DRedirectStreamsToLog=true -DXSD_VALIDATE=false</options>
<description>Camel integrations</description>

Where the position-camel-libs module may have similar dependencies to the following:


Your position-camel-libs module should be a dependency in your position-distribution module to ensure a position-camel-libs jar file is included in the Genesis application distribution