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Data grid

A more light-weight grid for scenarios where you don't need the full power of Grid Pro.

Grid Pro - Cell

This is a slotted component that allows a "visual approach" when configuring cell renderers. Each grid-pro-cell takes an ICellRendererFunc typed function.

Grid Pro - Column

This is a slotted component that allows a more visual approach to defining columns. Each ` takes a ColDef typed object. To check all the available fields for the variable type coldef`, look here.

Grid Pro - Connected data

The connected data use case is when you have a Data Server or Request Server available and ready to use, and don't want to worry about handling data transformations, updates, deletes and cell renderers in the grid. For cell renders, it's flexible; you can the components provided by default, or you can use any component you want.

Grid Pro - Renderers

The grid-pro-renderers enable you to render data in a way that is meaningful to the user. You can render each column differently and individually.

Grid Pro - Simple data

The examples below use JSX syntax. Real-world scenarios might be different, depending on the client application tooling and structure.