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Grid Pro - Simple data

The examples below use JSX syntax. Real-world scenarios might be different, depending on the client application tooling and structure.


The examples below are based on an example application called "alpha", so we refer to a design system called @genesislcap/alpha-design-system, which has the prefix alpha. In practice, you decide on the name and prefix of your design system, but it exposes the same API.

import { provideDesignSystem, alphaAgGrid } from '@genesislcap/alpha-design-system';
import { foundationGridComponents } from '@genesislcap/grid-pro';

provideDesignSystem().register(alphaAgGrid(), foundationGridComponents);


In order to use the grid-pro with simple data, you need to provide at least these two options to the gridOptions:

  • columnDef: a configuration for the given column. This option is the type of ColDef. To check the available configuration, take a look here.
  • rowData: the data to be displayed in the grid.

The following example creates a grid-pro with three columns defined in columnDefs and seven rows defined in rowData:

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function SimpleAgGrid(props) {

  const columnDefs = [
    {field: 'make'},
    {field: 'model'},
    {field: 'price'},

  const rowData = [
    {make: 'Toyota', model: 'Celica', price: 35000},
    {make: 'Ford', model: 'Mondeo', price: 32000},
    {make: 'Porsche', model: 'Boxter', price: 72000},
    {make: 'Audi', model: 'A6', price: 80000},
    {make: 'Renault', model: 'Clio', price: 20000},
    {make: 'Chevrolet', model: 'Camaro', price: 40000},
    {make: 'BMW', model: 'Z8', price: 90000}
  const loadSimpleData = () => {
    const grid = document.querySelector('alpha-grid-pro');

    const gridOptions = {
      defaultColDef: {
        resizable: true,
        filter: true,

    grid.gridOptions = gridOptions;
  const gridStyle = {
    display: 'block',
    height: '300px',

  return (
      <alpha-button onClick={() => loadSimpleData()}>Load Simple grid data</alpha-button>
      <alpha-grid-pro style={gridStyle}></alpha-grid-pro>