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Database interface

Genesis supports different ways of interacting with the database. Regardless of the interface used, the operations remain the same. The recommended way of accessing the database is via the EntityDb.

EntityDbGenerated RepositoriesRxDb
Supports tables✔️✔️
Supports views✔️✔️
Supports any data type✔️✔️
Class to importAsyncEntityDb \ RxEntityDb[TableName]AsyncRepository \ [TableName]Rx3RepositoryRxDb
Type-safe read and write✔️✔️
Type-safe write result✔️
Returns data astable or view entitiestable or view entitiesDbRecord
Writes data astable or view entitiestable or view entitiesDbRecord
References indexes asindex entitiesGenerated methodsDbRecord and String
Programming interfaceAsync or RxJavaAsync or RxJavaRxJava
Write (input)Modify DetailsGeneratedModify Details
Write (output)Write ResultWrite ResultWrite result
SubscribeRecord Update of entityRecord Update of entityRecord Update of DbRecord
Bulk or Range SubscribeBulk of entityBulk of entityBulk of DbRecord
Available in Event Handlers ✔️
Available in custom Request Servers ✔️