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Angular - Showcase client app

We have provided an extensive collection of advanced integration examples showcasing the capabilities of integrating Angular with the Genesis Foundation-UI.

The repository contains a comprehensive Angular application that imports and demonstrates the functionalities of most of the components available in Genesis Foundation-UI.

This hands-on approach enables you to see the full potential of the platform in action.

Explore the repository

We encourage you to explore the code and detailed examples in the repository of examples to gain a deeper understanding of how to integrate Angular with Genesis Foundation-UI components effectively. This is a valuable resource for learning and reference, offering insights into best practices and advanced usage scenarios. By examining the code, you'll encounter a wide array of complex use cases and learn how to harness the full potential of the platform for your projects.

Getting started

The README file in the /angular/showcase folder of the repository contains detailed instructions on how to set up, run, and navigate the application.