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Web Components - Icon

foundation-icon extends foundation-element.

The icon icon component enables you to display a specified icon.

You can use any free publicly-available icon from fontawesome. These are available via the links below:

To find an icon name,

  1. Go to the relevant link and search for a word that describes the icon you are looking for (for example, microphone).

  2. In the list displayed, you can see the icons and their names. You can use any name that is not marked as pro.

  3. Use that name to declare the icon; for example:

    <alpha-icon name="microphone" variant="solid"></alpha-icon>


You can use the variant setting to change the appearance of an icon:

  • solid is the default
  • regular usually is slightly more finely drawn
  • brand is for brand icons only

If no variant is set, the default is solid. Some icons only work with the solid variant; others will only work with regular. If in doubt, use `solid'.

For brand icons, you must use the brand variant.


You can use the size setting to control the size of the icon. Any of the following settings can be used (these are in order from smallest to largest):

'2xs' 'xs' 'sm' 'lg' 'xl' '2xl' '1x' '2x' '3x' '4x' '5x' '6x' '7x' '8x' '9x' '10x'

For example: <alpha-icon name="car" variant="solid" size="xl"></alpha-icon>


import { provideDesignSystem, alphaIcon } from '@genesislcap/alpha-design-system';



Live Editor
  <alpha-icon name="house"></alpha-icon>
  <alpha-icon name="user" variant="regular"></alpha-icon>
  <alpha-icon name="github" variant="brand"></alpha-icon>

Use cases

  • an addition to presenting listbox-option
  • cell-renderers and many others