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Web Components - Progress

The Progress and Progress Ring components are used to display

  • the length of time a process will take
  • a visualized percentage value (referred to as a determinate state),
  • a visual representation of an unspecified wait time (referred to as an indeterminate state)

Progress components are typically visually represented by a circular or linear animation. When the value attribute is passed, the state is determinate; otherwise, it is indeterminate.

  • For progress components that have a linear visual appearance, use alpha-progress.
  • For progress implementations that are circular, use alpha-progress-ring.


import { provideDesignSystem, alphaProgress } from '@genesislcap/alpha-design-system';



Live Editor
<alpha-progress min="0" max="100" value="75"></alpha-progress>

Use cases

  • Percentage completion indicators

Additional resources